Zip-O-Laminators Moves to Innovative Clear Adhesive Solution

At Zip-O-Laminators, we are constantly pursuing innovations that allow us to elevate the performance and sustainability of our wood products.

That’s why we are excited to announce our adoption of Hexion’s revolutionary EcoBind™ 6500 adhesive system using Wonderbond™ hardeners M650Y and M700Y.

This new clear adhesive enhances the aesthetic, structural, and environmental attributes of your projects.

Certified Structural Performance

EcoBind 6500 with M650Y-M700Y has undergone extensive independent evaluations validating its structural capabilities and performance longevity:

  • Certified to ANSI 405-2023 standard for structural laminated wood products like glulam beams, passing requirements for elevated temperatures, moisture resistance, cyclic aging, and more.
  • Earns PRG 320-2019 structural certification for manufacturing glulam beams and cross-laminated timber (CLT) by meeting stringent criteria.
  • Meets or exceeds standards like ASTM D2559, D7247, D1151, D1183, CSA 0112.9, CSA 0177, and more across tests for heat/moisture resistance, elevated temperature strength, creep, delamination resistance, and cyclic aging.


Heat-Resistant Structural Approval

Beyond its wide range of structural certifications, EcoBind 6500 with M700Y hardener has earned approval from the Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) for Heat-Resistant Adhesive (HRA) Method A structural applications.

This comes from the American Lumber Standard Committee’s stringent review process evaluating adhesives for use in load-bearing wood assemblies exposed to harsh temperatures and conditions.

Passing at the HRA Method A level validates EcoBind 6500’s exceptional resistance to high heat and long-term durability in demanding structural uses.

Low-Emission Environmental Leader

What makes EcoBind 6500’s structural performance achievements even more remarkable is that it delivers best-in-class durability while also being more environmentally friendly than alternatives.

It has earned GREENGUARD Gold Certification (UL 2818) for superior indoor air quality with a minuscule 0.22 mg/m³ TVOC and only 9 μg/m³ formaldehyde.

This certification confirms that EcoBind 6500 meets the world’s most stringent requirements for low chemical emissions from building products. This can also contribute to your project’s LEED points and environmental achievements. Our customers can feel confident specifying Zip-O’s structural solutions for healthy indoor environments.



EcoBind 6500 represents significant advancements over traditional glues:

  • Clear Glue: The clear nature of the adhesive provides aesthetic value by reducing visible glue lines, which are typically dark brown in conventional adhesives.
  • Cost Efficiency: Our new adhesive offers a more efficient application system that reduces waste, making it more cost-effective.
  • Competitiveness: Despite its advanced features, EcoBind 6500 remains competitively priced, ensuring it is not more expensive for our customers.
  • Recyclability: The adhesive supports recycling efforts, aligning with sustainable practices.

By adopting this innovative, independently certified adhesive, Zip-O-Laminators demonstrates our commitment to advancing wood product performance using the latest sustainable technologies. We are raising the bar for what’s possible in structural integrity, product safety, and environmental stewardship.

Engineers, architects, and builders can now leverage Zip-O’s next-generation structural wood solutions while seamlessly aligning with their most ambitious performance and sustainability goals.