About us

Over 75 years ago, the Hallstrom family founded Zip-O-Log Mills with one simple goal: to produce high quality products with exceptional service.

In 2016, these principles were used to create Zip-O-Laminators with the aim to bring that same quality and service into the engineered wood product market. Whether it is for a custom timber frame home or a custom golf course clubhouse, every project is unique and treated with the highest care and effort.

Zip-O-Laminators is geared towards producing high quality beams in exceptional sizes measuring up to 28 inches wide, 111 inches deep, over 115 feet long, as well as handle slight to tight curved radius beams. Certified through the A.P.A.- The Engineered Wood Association, Zip-O-Laminators currently produces beams in Douglas fir and Alaskan Yellow Cedar. We can also produce our own lamstock from Zip-O-Log Mills and own and operate our own kilns, allowing us to control the quality and moisture content of our raw materials.

Since its inception, Zip-O-Laminators has been dedicated to growth and improvement. Within the first few years of production, Zip-O reinvested in itself; resulting in increased beam size capabilities, more complex/curved glulam proficiency, expanded in-house fabrication potential and overall tripled our basic production volume capacity. The bar we strive towards is constantly rising.

We are certified with the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and can provide glulams for your next FSC® (FSC® C157387) job.

what makes us different

In the world of construction, delays are costly. The entire operation at Zip-O-Laminators is committed to deliver your beams on time. From administration to sales to production to shipment our goal is to provide premium service at every level. Zip-O-Lam can also produce their own lamstock by working with Zip-O-Log Mills, unlike other manufacturers.

Our Team

KelCee Hallstrom

Secretary/Treasurer & Timberland Procurement


John Redfield

Operations Manager


Kyle Gillings



Marnie O'Malley



Tami Bush



Jennifer Brock

Accounts Payable