Restoring the Iconic Keystone Wye Bridge With Glulam

“Manufacturing and shipping these panels in a specific order required extensive planning and coordination, and Zip-O was up to the challenge.” Hazen Hyland, WWS Near the majestic Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, the Keystone Wye Bridge has stood as an engineering marvel since 1968. After 50 years of service, an inspection revealed that while the […]

Strong GLULAM BEAMS for Catholic School of Fairbanks

“Zip-O received our shop drawings and quickly turned around a beautiful product ahead of schedule, allowing the gym to be opened up early.” Dan Herr, Western Wood Structures In 2021, multiple beam failures caused by heavy snowfall and wetter, heavier snow necessitated urgent structural reinforcement at the Catholic School of Fairbanks. Zip-O-Laminators and Western Wood […]

Massive Glulam Beams Make Possible Twin Covered Pickleball Courts

“We value quality and timing. Zip-O also has a wide range of capabilities for tackling unique jobs and the service can’t be beat.” Dan Herr, Western Wood Structures Featuring 65’+ peak and camber glulam beams, this pickleball open court not only provides a more aesthetically appealing venue than other build options, but also improves sound […]

Zip-O-Laminators Moves to Innovative Clear Adhesive Solution

At Zip-O-Laminators, we are constantly pursuing innovations that allow us to elevate the performance and sustainability of our wood products. That’s why we are excited to announce our adoption of Hexion’s revolutionary EcoBind™ 6500 adhesive system using Wonderbond™ hardeners M650Y and M700Y. This new clear adhesive enhances the aesthetic, structural, and environmental attributes of your […]